Saturday, July 10, 2010

Shower with a view!

Palazzo della Ragione, now an exhibition centre, seems to have a rather impressive bathroom with a shower corner (surely unfinished and without proper shades...) that overlooks Piazza dei Signori!


Marian said...

would have been nice to be in the shower, also, a beautiful woman :)

margaret said...

Perhaps they don't have internet and don't realise there is an expert roving photographer in town? :)

brattcat said...

Don't you wish you could slip inside the building and see what that room looks like from the inside? I wonder if it could possibly measure up to what we've imagined.

Tracy said...

I would never have noticed the bath if you hadn't mentioned it! The angle on this photo is very nice.

Pepe Ventureira said...

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-K- said...

This is why I enjoy looking at blogs - I see parts of the world I would never see.

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