Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Dramatic sky

Castelvecchio Museum on the river Adige side.


Ann said...

Very dramatic. Works beautifully in b&w.

amatamari said...

Beautiful view full of history
and beauty!
Great shot!

Elisa Stocco said...

Che bello Castel Vecchio!!!

nobu said...

Beautiful and fantastic!
I love it.

Julie said...

I love how the wall slices diagonally through your image. I agree with Ann: this works so well in mono.

Kitty said...

love this wall and its texture.

You have to think back about when it was built and how long it took. Projects went on for generations back then! I have to wonder whether the clients ever yelled at their architect. ;-)

Field of View said...

Fantastic !!!

Field of View

henny said...

I don't know where you stood when taking this photo, nice pov btw. It's just so gorgeoous, the sky. I love angry sky :).

sbunting108 said...

That is a great sky very dramatic!

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