Saturday, May 30, 2009

Mailing box on roman walls

This used to be my mailing box and it was closed for misterious reasons. 

The box is attached to the Mura di Gallieno, built by the homonymous roman emperor between april and december 265 d.C. when the Empire was already suffering from barbaric invasions and Verona was obviously under the threat. The hurry under which the works were carried out explains the variety of materials and shapes of the blocks: anything handy was recycled into this construction. 

Friday, May 29, 2009

Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Myth - Marc Quinn

This morning I finally went to visit Il Mito, Marc Quinn's exhibition at Juliet's house. 
I wasn't allowed to take photographs and this was so frustrating! After my visit, though, I stepped up to a terrace (I will post about this in the next days) right in front of the famous balcony and there I snapped this photo where you can see at least a tiny bit: the marble sculpture of Thomas Beattie pregnant (interesenting story, he was a woman, became a man, then became pregnant) which is quite a striking one. The exhibition was stunning, displaying some of the most beautiful and famous artworks (including the solid gold "Siren", Kate Moss doing yoga, worth of $2.7 million), by Quinn, leading Young British Art fellow. Set against an outstanding medieval building with amazing fireplaces, frescoes and beautiful views over the rooftops.

And then I saw it. What? Remember when I posted about the Juliet's house's entrance hall and the Love graffitis? In that occasion I threw the idea of installing panels to exhibit later when they would be covered by names, hearts, poems of lovers from all over the world. Well, obviously Quinn and I had the same idea...he called the panel Love Paintings...  Aaaarghhh!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Enchanted lagoon

Here is  a marvellous corner of the Lake of Garda I took yesterday. Summer arrived a bit earlier this year, as it happens: we've been having peaks of 35°C for the last ten days! Thunderstorms are forecast for today and I am quite relieved!

Monday, May 25, 2009

The Italian sunday #2

Chievo has made it! Although the match was rather lazy, both teams managed to bring home 1 point, having finished 0-0. In my post yesterday I wrote that today Chievo would have played the last match of the season. I wasn't very precise: there is still one more match to play but this was the last one "at home" in Verona and the foundamental one. In fact, with today's result Chievo has secured its place in the top division!!!
Once again Chievo raised from the ashes (the bad beginning of the championship) playing spectacularly against the top teams. Sergio Pellissier, was among the leading athlets of the year and was recently summoned to be part of the National Italian Team!!! The dream goes on!

It was incredibly hot today, about 35°C, I was sweating in the shaded part of the Stadium!
I felt so proud and almost moved when the players took off their yellow shirts and put on a plain white tshirt with a big "A" on their chest. They hold hands and ran towards the supporters waving, smiling and shouting their joy.
Tonight, the team and a wide number of veronesi will celebrate!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Forza Chievo!

Today Chievo Verona will play a very, very important match: the last of the season and the one that will decide if Chievo remains in the top division, the "A" series.
It's been a difficult year for my team but they've done pretty well in the last few months. We went to see the "thursday match" last week and I snapped a few photos... You can see Luciano, Moro, Langella, Frey (in the back), Bogdani. 
It's great to support a team that is from a small town and yet it plays in the top division.
And it's fantastic to be able to casually meet some of these guys at the bar, the chemist's or just walking by... this hardly can happen with "big" teams!
So, finger crossed for today! Chievo will play against Bologna at the Bentegodi stadium ....
and I will be there supporting!

This post is dedicated to Saretta and Henny's brother and to everyone out there that
understands the uniqueness of Chievo!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Scavi Scaligeri Museum

Twenty years ago, during some pipe work excavations in one of Verona city center squares surrounded by the old Scala Family buildings, were found so many Roman and early medieval remains that it was decided to create and underground museum to show them in their original context. Two meters under the nowadays ground level you will find the Roman stone roads with sewers and the mosaics floors from the first century A.D., aLombard tomb and the foundation work of medieval towers.
The Scavi Scaligeri museum hosts also regular exhibition of the International Photography Center (courtesy of

Yesterday morning I saw a very interesting photo exhibition called "Young Days" in the museum. I had quite a faded memory of the place which is absolutely unique. 
The exhibit winds up among roman stones and grey cement; glass and metal catwalks suspended on ancient gravel and mosaics, two meters underground.
I really look forward to the next exhibition!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Two worlds apart

He was playing a roumanian traditional tune, mumbling bits of a sad chant. I put a coin in his hat and he smiled a humble smile. My daughter was totally captured by the accordion. 
He asked in his uncertain italian how old was the child and told me, using his hands that he had seven nephews and that he came from Rumania. 
I asked him if I could take a photo; he agreed politely and played again. 

Monday, May 18, 2009

First swim of the season

Sirmione, Lake Garda. It's been a hot day and we had a walk along the shore. The lake was still and inviting but I doubt the water was warm... Anyhow these boys indulged in a series of dives 
then walked back with their towels thrown nonchanlantly on their shoulders. 

Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Mille Miglia #2

Click to enlarge!

Here is another photo from the Mille Miglia in town.  
See the official website here!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Mille Miglia

As I am writing this, I can still hear the roar of the cars passing on the Stradone San Fermo, just round the corner!

The cars of the Mille Miglia endurance race, like every year, passed through the city centre: a great show of the most beautiful classic cars. I have snapped a lot of photos but unfortunately only a few came out acceptable. The fast movement of the cars made my work really difficult and quite frustrating...

The Mille Miglia has earned the reputation of being "the most beautiful classic car race in the world ... read more!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Blue jeans

Napoleon named this part of the town Veronetta, "Little Verona", to cast scorn on this suburb that was handed over to the Austrians after the French-Austrian Treaty.
Veronetta is the most central "alternative" to the (posh) city centre. It's where the University is. It's were many immigrants live and work: you can find african, chinese, indian drugstores, kebabs. Veronetta has a charming, cutting edge, young, quality.
Old crackling, once superb palazzi are still to be found on the main street, Via XX Settembre while many others have been restored to their original and outstanding beauty.
Off the main road, I walked along silent little alleys. I wouldn't be surprised if this faded, decadent and crumbling wall concealed frescoed ceilings inside...

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A sunny window

Please click to enlarge!

This photo is from my visit to the Roman Theatre. I've been trying to imagine that if I lived in this home, I could be able to see parts of the archeological remains just out of my window! In particular, one of the flat's windows, on the back of the building, opens directly on a display of columns and marbles, as you can see here
I suppose that after a while one may get used to the views and treasures of such a special location, but still...

Getting ready...for the Opera #2

I guess this will become a short series as the Arena is in complete turmoil and preparation for the beginning of the Opera Festival is well advanced.
I played a little with this photo, as you can see...  I snapped it a few days ago putting my hands through the wire net. Until a couple of weeks ago I couldn't have done this because high wooden panels shielded the works in progress. I wonder why they were removed as they came back just the other day and they will remain in place for the whole summer as this is the artist's entrance.
You can see the back stage and the pit stalls (the photo lacks of perspective, the theatre entrance looks nearer than it actually is...). 
The scenography is clearly Aida's!

Monday, May 11, 2009

The Italian sunday

Sunday afternoon at the stadium to support our Chievo Verona playing against the mighty Inter, both teams in the top division Serie A.
There are two football teams in Verona: Chievo Verona and Hellas Verona. Hellas has a longer history, played in Serie A many years and even won the championship once. 
Chievo is the "dream team" that came from one small district of town and grew slowly and progressively to the top series, read more

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Book crossing

Book crossing corner at the Malacarne. Isn't it a brilliant idea to use that old fancy fridge as a book case (if you enlarge the photo you may be able to read the writing "book crossing" scribbled on the fridge door) and the hair dryer cask as a lamp? 
Have you ever done book crossing?

Friday, May 8, 2009

The Skyscraper

My husband is looking at the Grattacielo, The Skyscraper, Verona's highest building. Some of you will smile but our Skyscraper is a mere 16 floors, 60 meters structure, built in the sixties.
The New Skyscraper's project is waiting to be approved: it'll reach the mighty height of 150 meters!

Thursday, May 7, 2009


Waiting for the big exhibition at the House of Juliet, let me show you the third sculpture by Marc Quinn. I became quite obsessed with these artworks, as you may have suspected by now.

This beautiful Orchid, installed in the courtyard at Castelvecchio Museum
looks like as if it had sprout from the green lawn in perfect simmetry with the mullioned window. Its bright, vibrant colours add a touch of life to the crude concrete of the Museum. 

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Marc Quinn: "Alison Lapper pregnant"

Marc Quinn never fails to cause a stir and this huge marble sculpture was at the centre of polemics when it was installed, a few weeks ago. "Disabled people are under represented in art" said Quinn... read more
It's a big step for the town of Verona to host such controversial pieces of art. Somehow it's more difficult for the people - grown up among ancient and classical art - to understand and accept modern art, let alone a "powerful" piece like "Alison Lapper pregnant".  
I like it and I deeply respect Alison Lapper, a strong woman who has been fighting throughout her life to live a normal life, be accepted as a woman, an artist and a mother...

Monday, May 4, 2009

Marc Quinn: "Kate Moss on thursday"

Cast against the roughness of the ancient marbles of the roman Porta Borsari, "Kate Moss on thursday" by english sculptor Marc Quinn, steals the attention of passers by and causes a stir in the sleepy artistic panorama of Verona.
This is one of the three works already on exhibit in Verona; more will come in a few weeks at the House of Juliet that will host a complete exhibition of sculptures and paintings.
I am so excited, I can't wait! 

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Waiting for the bride

I already had in mind what I was going to post today, but, I met this Fiat 500 yesterday and I couldn't resist to publish it. I am also breaking the rule of one photo... I hope I'll be forgiven!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Workers' day

Every 1st of May, Italy celebrates the Workers day. Almost everybody is off from work and people traditionally go out of town for a daily trip. There are various events on this day, some of which are quite famous like the big, free concert in Rome that goes on from 3 pm till late evening. We really enjoyed our neighbouring art exhibit in the streets of the Filippini district. Our little one joined an art workshop, painted, draw with chalks on the tarmac and loved the lively atmosphere...

Friday, May 1, 2009

Theme day: SHADOWS

     Please click to enlarge!

This is my choice for theme day, Shadows. I was walking along Corso Portoni Borsari when I was attracted by this bright slice of light on the side of San Giovanni in Foro Church. The opposite buildings cast the shadows that produced this amazing contrast!

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