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Valentine's Day #2

Piazza Dante. A big red heart shaped carpet in the middle of the square projected on the screen. On the stage live music and prize giving for the best love letters and poems.

Yesterday Verona was full of love! I went out in the afternoon and the romatic atmosphere was overwhelming. The very heart of town, Piazza Erbe and Piazza Dante were choc-a-bloc with people, especially couples. Sitting outdoors at the cafés, holding hands, smiling.... I saw couples everywhere...
"Verona in Love" with its many events, provided a romantic and unforgettable week end for the thousand of people - and especially couples - who came from all over Italy and abroad.

Valentine's Day

The town celebrates Valentine's Day with many events to entertain lovers from all over the world. The initiative is called Verona in Love and its claim is "If you love someone bring them to Verona"!

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Villa Novare #3

I hope you won't mind me posting more photos from Villa Novare... I like them so much I can't help myself...
This is a detail of the private church's entrance.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Villa Novare #2

I liked so much this place and I want to show you some details of the statues. Obviously I couldn't go inside on the private lawn but I could admire the facade of the little private church whose entrance opens directly on the path in front of the villa's gates.
This is only one of the many ancient villas scattered throughout the country around Verona. Most of them are private but some can be visited: check this site Ville Venete Net
(I linked the page of the villas in the province of Verona but if you go to the home page you can find the villas of the whole region).

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Villa Novare

I drove into the country the other day, just a few miles from Verona, in the hills of Valpolicella, famous for the wine production.
Reaching the village of Arbizzano my attention was drawn by a small sign indicating "Villa Novare". I turned into the small driveway and after a few hundred meters into the vines, I found myself in front of this beautiful XVIIIth century villa. There was no one in sight, the air was still and the sun shone. I got out of the car and took a few photos...

Roman, Middle Ages and contemporary

That girl in the red jacket is waiting the bus on Via Pallone. Behind her the high medieval walls; across the road a patch of a roman road made of smooth dark stone, just like the one under the Arco dei Gavi.
In Verona, like in most of italian towns, remote history is still visible, scattered all over the place, sometimes ignored...

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City interiors, #3

Right in the heart of the town, my friend E.'s home has an incredible view on the Duomo, already posted here. This is a little detail of the kitchen.
I thought it was quite amusing to see the Holy Mary next to the Astronaut...

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Look here!

If you want to peep on the works in progress on Piazza Cittadella you can look through the portholes! The old underground parking is being enlarged and the square is going to be totally renovated.

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Sunset on Via Cavour

From the Palace of the Bank of Italy to the clock tower of Castelvecchio: this is only a part of Corso Cavour that stretches from Porta Borsari in a continuous line of beautiful noble palaces. Palazzo Canossa, topped with a row of statues, is probably one of the most beautiful buildings of Verona.

See my other posts on Corso Cavour!

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The Scaliger tombs

The Scaliger Tombs (Italian: Arche scaligere) is a group of five Gothic funerary monuments in Verona celebrating the Scaliger family, who ruled in Verona from the 13th to the late 14th century... (Wikipedia, read more...)

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